EUREP19: Boost your knowledge and skills, meet new friends

EUREP19: Boost your knowledge and skills, meet new friends

Dr. Zhivko Siromahov
National Oncology Hospital, Sofia (BG)

EUREP19 is the latest edition of the high-level training programme designed for urology residents from all over the Europe. It is an excellent opportunity for every young urologist to find new friends and to acquire new skills. I think that the host city, Prague, is perfect place for this event. It is a beautiful and very hospitable city located in heart of Europe. I wonder why the EUREP programme is not popular in my country. Only two participants from Bulgaria attended this year, myself included.

I just signed up as an EAU member when I read about EUREP. One of my colleagues recommended the programme with great enthusiasm. On that day, I was sure that I will be a participant someday. And I was right.

The six-day intensive programme started on Friday and covered the whole spectrum of urology. Before lunch, we made a lot of group photos. I thought that the lectures would be a passive intake of facts. I was pleasantly surprised that I was completely wrong. The format of interactive seminars with questions from the lecturers is probably the best. The multiple-choice questions were so important and so useful.

On Sunday evening, we had a barbecue party. It was rainy but it was probably the most colourful and multinational party that I ever had. I made a lot of new friends.

On Monday after the lectures, I attended the hands-on training course for flexible ureteroscopy. The tutor at my station was well experienced and I learned a lot from him. He shared his tips and tricks with me.

Career opportunities
In EUREP, every resident had a wonderful opportunity to boost his/her career. There was possibility to take European training in basic laparoscopic skills and endoscopic stone treatment. In addition, the meeting with the members of European Board of Urology (EBU) was the most important for me. At the registration desk, you can purchase the tests of the EBU exam. To be a Fellow of the EBU is one of my biggest dreams.

Best group name
This year, the winning group name “HYDROCELES”, which stands for “Hot Young Dynamic Residents Obtaining Certified Education, Leading to Excellent Surgeons” describes the course format and the spirit of the participants very well. Congratulations to the Danish group!

Participate in EUREP
EUREP19 was great event for me. I highly recommend it to everyone! I am very grateful to all organisers, lecturers, tutors an participants. It was great experience and it was a pleasure for me to be part of it. To summarize my feelings about the course, I say: New friends, new skills, new knowledge and new opportunities.