Diversity at its finest

Diversity at its finest

By Dr. Kaleab H. Gebreselassie
St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College Addis Ababa (ET)

This year’s 20th European Urology Residents Educational Programme (EUREP22) was just exemplary! I travelled from Ethiopia with a thirst for knowledge and I found what could fulfil it. I got back home with utmost satisfaction and exhilaration.

EUREP22 was not only for European residents rather it was diverse and inclusive in every aspect. Young urology residents gathered from all over the world to Prague and united us under one roof as a family. After spending a week in this beautiful city, my stay was one of a kind and I am lucky to represent Africa.

The educational programme was well planned and I would like to congratulate the organisers for the excellent programme. The meeting venue and the service at the Clarion Congress Hotel was a good fit to the importance of the event. After arrival at the hotel, I received the 2022 EAU Pocket Guidelines together with the printed modules. The big event started next morning, with an inspiring opening speech by Prof. Evangelos Liatsikos. We got well oriented about the aim of the programme after said speech.

The session included state-of-the-art lectures by the finest urologists in the world, case-based discussions and hands-on training (HOT) sessions. Almost every topic of urological care is covered by the lectures and it was a outstanding summary for our final exams.

The HOT sessions were just amazing. My tutors were extremely helpful, thoughtful and skilful. I practised transurethral resection, basic laparoscopy and ureteroscopy and they made it all easy. I am grateful for their help in teaching me the skills with decency and patience. Thank you!

EUREP22 was not without entertainment and relaxation. I enjoyed the sweets and cappuccino during the coffee breaks; they were very refreshing. I also made new friends from almost every country in Europe. The long-awaited karaoke night was also thrilling. It was the first of its kind for me and I enjoyed it. A big thumbs-up! It was fun to have a glass of wine with friends while watching the singsong competition between the Italian and Spanish groups.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge that being an EAU member is indeed worth it. I wish every resident gets this chance and enjoys the benefits. The EAU gave me this opportunity to meet many colleagues with bright minds and great aspirations. I learned that every delegate resident now believes in togetherness. The long journey to success in urological practice is easily achievable if we travel it together. Prof. James N’Dow said it well on his “Big Data” speech, which reminded me of the African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If we want to go far, go together.”

The achievements of the EAU reflected these aspects of unity which is impressive. I aspire to contribute and do the same in the African context. Thank you again for this opportunity!