Endoscopic Stone Treatment step 1 – basic (EST-s1) Exam

At EUREP 2017 we introduced the novel upper urinary tract training curriculum which focuses on basic stone treatment skills. This is similar to E-BLUS but in the field of endourology.  Again it is kindly supported by our industry partner Olympus.

The EST-s1 training programme, including instructional videos of the exercises, can be found at the following website, click here . Before attending the practical exam, the theoretical module should be successfully completed (associated test must be passed). Moreover, it is strongly advised to practice the exercises until you can meet the time and quality criteria repeatedly and with confidence.

If you are selected for EUREP you can register your interest for this exam through the Post-registration website. You will receive an email with further and more detailed information on the exam. Passing the exam serves as a recommendation to continue your URS training by assisting procedures in the OR.