Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Residents who are junior members of the EAU wishing to participate in the annual EUREP meeting in Prague can now improve their chances for being selected. As this is a very popular programme, it has become increasingly difficult to accommodate every interested resident, and the European School of Urology has decided to take into account the CME credits that can be achieved by answering EU-ACME multiple choice questions.

Through the EU-ACME website, residents are encouraged to read selected articles from the journal European Urology and answer multiple choice questions (MCQs) based on those articles. Each issue of European Urology has up to four articles that come with MCQs and residents are encouraged to answer as many as possible. When 80% out of a set of MCQs is answered correctly, one credit point per article is granted. CME credits will be added automatically to the user’s member account.

Having attained these credit points will be an advantage when applying for the annual EUREP course in Prague.

You can already start now even if you are not eligible to participate in EUREP24 but plan to participate in the future (only possible for EAU junior members) Please note that only the credits from the past 2 years will be counted for the selection.

Please do not forget to check out the complete selection criteria

The online registration for EUREP24 is closed.