EUREP offers comprehensive training paired with social activities

EUREP offers comprehensive training paired with social activities

EUREP18 is the recent edition of an excellent training programme for final-year residents for the past 16 years. The enthusiasm, drive and high spirits of experts who make up the faculty and residents from all over the world kept the level of education high but also the motivation alive.

In my opinion, the EUREP modules were designed to deliver relevant and beneficial information from the latest EAU Guidelines, and to address the challenges commonly faced in daily clinical practice. The faculty covered the essentials that will make a difference in practice and provided evidence-based data to guide participants. We were encouraged to contribute during the deliberations and conversations. We exchanged ideas and strategies in how to treat and deal with patients in all urological aspects.

It would be a mistake not to mention the big karaoke night of EUREP18 as it was an exhilarating experience, especially with the rain providing ambience. It reminded me of an ERASMUS party with a lot of singing and dancing which brought the urologists there closer together. At EUREP18, the social activities provided a good balance to training our skills and testing them afterwards during hands-on training (HOT) sessions in endourology and laparoscopy with amazing and educative tutors who shared their tips and tricks.

The core message of EUREP18 is that proper diagnosis and management is crucial to give our patients the best treatment we could give and for challenging cases, we must continue to discuss, exchange ideas and pursue development in treatment and strategies.

By Dr Lazaros Lazarou (right on the photo)
National and Kapodistrian
University of Athens
Athens (GR)