All registrations must be made through the online registration website. Before registering please read the rules regarding European/ Non-European to see which category you fall under.

All registrations must be accompanied by a proof of status and a copy of your passport. A proof of status is a letter from the head of your department confirming your training status. This should be in English, printed on official hospital paper and sighed by your chief. It is possible to upload both documents when registering, therefore, please have them prepared before you begin with the online registration.

Registration will open on 7 January 2019
Registration will close 1 May 2019.

There are different registration categories. We strongly advise to check which category you fall under.

Selection criteria

After the registration has closed on the 1st of May, a selection will be made which is based on the following criteria:

  1. EAU membership. Priority is given to those who are or become a member before the registration deadline.
  2. Year of training*. Priority is given to residents in their final year of training (i.e. training should be finished before September of the following year based on the information received from the proof of status)
  3. It is required to obtain CME credits by completing European Urology multiple choice questions (MCQ’s). For further information please click here.
  4. First come – first served
  5. English skills
  6. Geographic spread
  7. It is only allowed to attend the EUREP course once
  8. There are limited places available for non-European residents

*Exception made for UK applicants. Only year 4 residents will be accepted (if they meet the full criteria) this is to facilitate the FRCS

By 15 June 2019 you will receive a definite confirmation by email if you have, or have not been selected to participate in the course.

Online registration

All registrations must be made through the online registration website.
Registration will open on 7 January 2019 and close on 1 May 2019.

– The deadline for cancellation is 1 August 2019

Cancellations should be sent in writing to the congress secretariat on or before 1 August 2019. When cancelling after 1 August 2019 your credit card will be charged the full amount of € 500.


If you are not a member of the EAU, please click here for the membership application form.
For questions concerning membership please contact the membership department at